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This is a powerful app that allows you to create or edit the HTML code
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CoffeeCup HTML Editor is a powerful and easy-to-use application that allows you to create or edit the HTML code. For all the HTML programming veterans and even newcomers, CoffeeCup HTML Editor will come as a delight, because it has numerous features that can ease up their work, such as the built-in SiteMap Creator or Code Completion.

The best way for newcomers to learn the HTML programming language is to download a free theme, play with it by changing any of the code lines, and then see the outcome. CoffeeCup HTML Editor is great in this regard, because it says exactly in what line an error occurs.

More than that, CoffeeCup HTML Editor has a great feature called Code Completion, which automatically suggests the tags as you type them, this aspect prevents a common error, namely unclosed tags.

With this application, you can insert images and links in a fast and simple way and, more than that, you can upload your website on the web with only one click.

With a built-in SiteMap Creator and a Code Completion feature, CoffeeCup HTML Editor is a great tool and a must for all the programmers out there.

Andy Richard
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