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CoffeeCup HTML Editor 10.0

CoffeeCup HTML Editor is a complete tool for designing with HTML and CSS
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CoffeeCup HTML Editor is a complete tool for designing with HTML and CSS at the same application.
The main window is really compossed of three windows: Code editor, Visual editor and Preview.

The Code editor tab makes the application to show the HTML+CSS code window, so user can type and insert or vary whatever is necessary to accomplish the desired function.

The Visual editor tab ask the user to save the htm file before it displays the page as it is. In this mode, user can drag and drop text and images and see directly what happend when changes are made.

The Preview tab makes the application to show the created web page in the browser environment, to double check that output file will correctly work within a web browser.

User's project can be uploaded by using the built-in FTP upload server. The application will check for broken links, documents dependences (images, external JavaScripts, external CSS files, etc.), so the web site will work properly.

The Editor also offers CSS+XHTML layouts to choose and start creating frameworks for user web site. These layouts can be modify and stylesheets swapped for easy development.

Tables, fonts, frames, forms, etc., are also ready to be inserted and dimensioned for the user to build whatever is necessary for the project.

Backgrounds, icons, toolbar buttons, blog icons, image borders, etc. are also available to insert into the desired part of the project.

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